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Kim Kardashian style But I like kajal liners that you can put on and smudge. I sort of have O.C.D with my eye makeup so even if its supposed to look messy I still try to make it look perfect! One item in her closet she cant live without? Her little black bag. I have a big black bag thats really good for traveling because you can fit everything inside, Kendall shared. But I wear my black Celine Mini Tote everyday .


Her Attire Costs What?! Rihanna’s $ 23 Sweats Road Type E! Online

Rihanna Rihannas $23,891 Sweats Street Style by Melissa Garcia Today 1:00 PM PST Loading… Keith/ Who could rock Kelly green warmup pants with Tom Ford stilettos and make us drool with envy? Rihanna , that’s who! The 26-year-old looks quite amazing these days, and her seemingly ordinary urban-chic outfit is further proof of that. We know what you must be thinking; warmup pants and a sweatshirt how much could that cost? Well, get ready for jaws to drop! Rihanna’s grey Celine crop top (which happens to show off her insanely toned abs) is a cool $3,250, her Kelly green Isabel Marant warmup pants cost $371 and her Tom Ford stilettos retail for $1,190.

‘ The Have And The Haves Nots’ Recap: ‘the Ability Party’|

Michael is drunk and Hanna flirts a little with him while an angry Benny watches. When Michael walks away, Benny approaches Hanna and tells her that he doesn’t like Michael, but Hanna brushes him off. Veronica, in bed, calls David’s cell phone, but he doesn’t answer. She gets out of bed and goes into the closet. Benny later talks to Candace, telling her that she needs to stay home where she’ll be safe from Quincy. Candace starts to tell him about the evil Cryer family, only to find out that it was Katheryn who had Benny moved to the new hospital and paid for everything. David and Maggie are together in her hotel room.