Design Award Is Won By Beer Bag That Is Plastic

488c343ab84f56af2ccf484b226def7efa16cb76-1-t710 Wonchan Lee,the man behind the ale bags, which search much like a hospital body tote, mentioned: Differentiation has become the most critical factor in presentation nowadays as presentation is often the only method to attractiveness and contend with other goods around the ledge: it’s to be noticeable and others. This option is clearly notion and a brand new strategy for alcohol presentation: not delicate, light to hold, has less production cost, therefore has strengths in both supply and manufacturing. From concluding, choosing the components and brainstorming to advertising, Leuven and additional quality Belgian beers in the market with this specific new offer differentiate itself. There is a Design Honors an annual opposition which seeks from approaching manufacturers across the globe to highlight patterns.


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