Handbag Designer Danielle Diferdinando At Macy’s

Oprah Winfrey purchased 5,500 of her bags in 2011. DiFerdinando appeared on the Home Shopping Network in April and was in London in June, where she appeared on QVC. That month, she also went to China to work on her spring 2014 collection. She’s also been working to maintain her growing social media presence. “It allows me to get feedback that I can take back to the design board,” she said of her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram presence. “My customer is loving modern, contemporary handbags for less than $100. It’s a lifestyle.
The in depth write-up on which this blurb was in fact based upon can certainly be located at http://articles.baltimoresun.com/2013-07-25/features/bs-st-danielle-nicole-0725-20130724_1_macy-white-marsh-mall-handbag

Spring 2013 handbag trends: embellished

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Although embellishments are being found on all handbag silhouettes, the two most dominant handbag styles with embellishments for the spring 2013 are the clutch and the satchel. Daytime clutches for spring 2013 are being embellished with studs, spikes, crystals, beads and short fringe. Evening clutches are being embellished are being shown with sparkling crystals, beadwork and short fringe. The sizes of the clutches are mainly mini, small and medium. Larger clutches are rarely embellished; although some styles will feature small studs. The top handle satchel is a classic handbag style which is also popular for the spring 2013 season.
Sourced from: http://www.examiner.com/article/spring-2013-handbag-trends-embellished


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