Prada Handbags Selection For Spring 2010

House Of Style

But, um, is it just us or does that black clutch seem a tad familiar? Haven’t we seen this before? The quick answer: yes. Snooks made her purse after THE Alexander McQueen knucklebox clutch, which features the same skull and rhinestone four-finger ring combo to hold the carrier. Hmmmm. We don’t know whether we should high-five Snooki so you can get inspired by one of our favorite designers of them all or feel peeved that she is getting one of the coolest parts about his clutches and calling it her very own. In any event, we’re happy to find out Snooki expanding her empire into the world of bags, which means it’s only a matter of time before there is a clothing line!
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Start putting away $1500 money for this handbag.There are always a handful of other Prada bags that certainly deserve to be recognize as well. The Pochette is very fashionable since it will come in various designs and colors that really accord with your existing social fashions.This bag is also in the line of the most used Prada handbags. definitely, you’ll love the flexibility and performance of those Prada handbags.
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