How To Spot A Phony Custom Handbag

She inspected it carefully (inside, outside, the lining and in the pockets), Goffe reported, including the serial number pressed in to the felt just above the pocket-which might show where and when the carrier was made. It was worn off so she couldnt examine it clearly, but based on the overall wear on the bag, the wear on the serial number was normal. Ordinarily, Louis Vuitton might have redone the piping for $175 although not in this instance since the vinyl was cracked, creating the danger of further great when they re-piped the seams. The plot thickened. May it be that the previous owner had the bag restored, however not byLouis Vuitton (given just how much they charge for all those services)? That could explain why the handles werent made of the same content as the leather tab at the end-of the zip. In an older case, with leather handles, they would have shown wear. Therefore perhaps the dog owner had the addresses replaced with synthetic ones, which tend to be more resilient.
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