Designer Thief Steals 905 Handbags

Beginning now and throughout the holiday season, consumers will see a fuller expression of the Coach brand, with the arrival of a limited edition capsule collection across all product categories, he said, noting that the company will soon unveil a new store concept in flagship locations in New York and Southern California. Our intent is to drive brand relevance and increase Coachs resonance with our consumers. Luis, of course, is preparing to take over the CEO role from Lew Frankfort, in a previously-announced leadership change. Luis will take over as CEO in January. One bright spot for the company was China: the company opened six new locations, bringing the total to 132 locations in China. Chinese sales were up 35% for the quarter. International sales as a whole, however, decreased to $365 million from $367 million this time last year. The company also announced that during the first fiscal quarter, it repurchased and retired nearly 3.3 million shares of its common stock at an average cost of $53.17, spending a total of $175 million.
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Fashion Rating: A 48-year old woman who stole 905 designer handbags has been sentenced to 18-months in jail. Jayne Rand from Wiltshire in Wales astounded judges with the professionalism of her operation, which netted the 48-year old mother-of-two approximately AU $150,000. “How you got away with it for so long without being caught was deeply remarkable,” Judge Rhys Rowlands told Rand during sentencing, the BBC reports . “You showed professionalism and that is why you went undetected for so long. You travelled the country with the sole purpose of theft and you made a successful albeit dishonest business of selling stolen handbags. It’s sad and unusual to see a woman of 48 with previous good character up before the court for such a protracted and serious dishonesty.” Although Rand reportedly bitterly regrets everything shes done according to defense attorney Andrew Taylor, shes now facing the consequences for a crime she felt almost immune to committing. Rand was apprehended by police in a shopping centre in Cwmbran, south Wales, with her 905th stolen bag after being spotted acting suspicious.
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