Whatever Lo Wants: The 5er: Handbag Designers Charles And Jenna Jackson For August

What was your ultimate inspiration to create the Marais Market Tote? Living in the Marais District in Paris for a month in December of 2011, we really started to see the need for this bag . Jenna had an inexpensive tote we had used over the past 4-5 months on the road, which didn’t really work for Europe because everyone looks put together. Especially in a city like Paris! Walking through the city each day, we realized that a more luxurious version of this bag with additional internal pockets would make the perfect tote for carrying small personal items in the pockets and then having room for things from the market/shops which are plentiful in Paris. Are all your products created locally in CA? And if so, why is that important to you? Yes, they are all made in downtown LA. While traveling, we saw the importance in taking pride in your local community and the crafts that are produced there. We really wanted to institute this concept but also bring recognition to american manufacturing as a whole. I love the idea of purchasing a bag and knowing that a backpack goes to a child in need. How did you choose to partner up with Operation School Bell?
Acquired from: http://bit.ly/1834Tfu


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