Designer: ‘great Handbag Can Empower A Woman’

Or perhaps, as a study in the September issue of Journal of Consumer Research reveals, that person is a woman using expensive items to let other ladies know that her man is taken. Two marketing researchers at the University of Minnesota conducted five experiments on 649 women, either online or in person, to answer a complicated question: While studies have shown that men use wildly pricey products to attract romantic partners, what role do those goods play when it comes to females and relationships? Yajin Wang and Vladsa Griskevicius hypothesized that the ladies use such possessions not to entice mates but to signal that their partner is especially devoted to themso other women know that they had best move along. In an additional pilot study, 47 out of 76 women (about 62%) said that if they went out with their man while wearing fancy clothes and jewelry, other women would think their beau cared about them more. When the researchers primed other females to feel jealous, that increased ladies interest in showing off luxury products with big, bold logos. And they found that affair-prone women were less likely to pursue a taken man if the mate poachers knew the man had bought luxury goods for his date. In short, they found evidence that women do indeed believe designer things will ward off potential threats to their relationship, and that it works.
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She welcomes feedback a positive and negative a and takes that advice into consideration when designing. Nash will discuss the process of choosing the materials and the craftsmanship that goes into each purse. Her purses range from $98 to $248. Pittsburgh is one of 10 cities on this tour, including four at Macy’s sites. Her bags also are available at the Downtown store as well as the Macy’s at Galleria at Pittsburgh Mills, The Mall at Robinson and Westmoreland Mall. aWe couldn’t be more excited to host Patricia Nash and showcase her incredible collection of handcrafted Italian leather handbags and accessories,a says Shawn Hummell, vice president store manager of Macy’s, South Hills Village.
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