Bag Lady: Victoria Beckham’s 100-strong Birkin Bag Collection That’s Worth £1.5m

Designer: ‘Great handbag can empower a woman’

Inspiration: The classic Hermes bag is named after actress and singer Jane Birkin A spokeswoman for Hermes explained that the lengthy production times were due to a combination of the advanced craftsmanship involved in making the bag, and the limited availability of particular colours or skins. Communications director Fiona Rushton said: ‘If someone is looking for a classic Birkin bag – in a regular leather, colour and size – the lead time is significantly lower. ‘It is not and has never been, Hermes intention to create an artificial waiting list. All long lead times experienced by customers are the consequence of capacity limitations or shortage in certain types, sizes or colours of skins. ‘Over the last few years, Hermes has embarked on an ambitious program of hiring and training new craftsmen (and women) … the production is now raising and we are happy to announce a significant reduction in lead time.’ For lucky owners, the sought-after bag will not depreciate in value like a car. Given the wait for a brand new version, second-hand boutiques and auction houses are able to charge a premium, so desperate are fashionistas to get their hands on the product.
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Inspiration: Namesake of the classic Hermes bag, Jane Birkin

It represents her fashion style. aI love when I meet a woman, and she tells me the story of her handbag,a says Nash, who will share her stories about creating handbags Sept. 18 at Macy’s in South Hills Village. aI love to go to vintage shops where you can find the most interesting bags. That’s how I started collecting handbags. Women love to talk about a bag their mother or grandmother had.a The hobby of collecting purses a after practically filling a garage with her purse collection, to the point her husband suggested she get a warehouse a Nash was inspired to create a line of purses crafted from the finest Italian leathers. Her newest collection of Patricia Nash Handbags features bags in vegetable tans and florals, plus new finishes like cracked metallics and unique oil-rub veneers in bold colors.
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The NAYOKA Handbags and Purses Collection By Ami RichardsonDesigns


The Barnato bag ($7,000) is a homage to the late English aviatrix Diana Barnato-Walker, the first British woman to break the sound barrier and a dedicated Bentley customer. Meanwhile the Continental ($5,500) is named after the Bentley auto model of the same name, boasting the same horseshoe shape evident in the back of the car. The handbag designs will be showcased for the first time at this weekends high-profile Pebble Beach Concours dElegance in California. Bentley will sell the bags at a series of trunk shows and events in the U.S., U.K., Asia and the Middle East. Founded by W.
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Bentley Launches Handbag Collection

Nayoka which is a general term for beauty and appeal, is the title chosen for a set of astonishing bags that have the main purpose of creating a feel for ladies who know their worth on the face of the Earth. The NAYOKA collection comes in various designs and structures to suit every lady. These line of bags are made with some of the best fabrics sourced in Ghana. For More information On Ami Richardson: Tel: +233(0)23627562
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