New York Fashion Week Spring 2014 Handbag Trends From The Runway (video)

LaContrie – handbags with a Parisian edge

White handbags: Although considered classic, white handbags dominated the New York Fashion Week runways. Designers loved prints and mixing colors for their spring/summer 2014 apparel collections, therefore, they paired many of these looks with classic white handbags. Satchels: The classic satchel is a continuing trend from 2013. Designers showed single and double handle satchels; many of which offered detachable shoulder straps. Printed handbags: Prints dominated the runways in New York Fashion Week.
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Project Runway held its Season 12 finale today (September 6, 2013) at Fashion Week at Lincoln Center in NYC

The Cosmopolitan Leather Tote by Amerileather is a great example of a budget-friendly yet polished purse. You can find it on sale at for $41. Its big enough to be a carry-on, which is good news for women who are always on the go. I also have been able to find some of the most affordable and well-made bags at locally owned womens boutiques around Charleston. Often, buyers for these shops are looking for good deals themselves when they go to trade shows, so theyre looking for obscure designers who may not have a big name but know how to make a good bag.
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Better handbags, cheaper price tags

Not only is each piece made by hand, but the bags are also fully customisable, with even a choice of fabric between canvas, kidskin or pig suede, meaning you get the exact bag you want to fulfill your needs. LaContrie create totes, evening bags and travel bags, meaning there is a style to suit every occasion.The Casanova clutch is perfect for day-to-evening wear, with a removable strap that means you can carry it or wear it over your shoulder. For a sophisticated and functional option, the Rohan M collection is inspired by vintage bags, and comes with zips and pockets to store your essentials in. The Francaise M on the other hand, is perfect for the active woman the bag is big enough to carry your laptop, gym wear or magazines, depending on the days activities. Isabella Stockwell To find out more about laContrie bags, visit here .
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