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The experience is quick and aims to drive visitors into the purchase funnel by leading them into the ecommerce site, she said. This is a quick transition that highlights the beauty of the product and allows for a seamless transition into the buying process. Ms. Rue is not affiliated with Balenciaga, but agreed to comment as an industry expert. Balenciaga did not respond by press deadline. The wait Before releasing the site and full images of the handbags, Balenciaga teased the new product through the preview of the microsite, email and social media. The label provided minimal information and no full images of the new products on the site before Aug.
Look at the first version which includes any extra pictures or video playback by clicking to


Bag lady: Victoria Beckham’s 100-strong Birkin bag collection that’s worth £1.5m

Inspiration: Namesake of the classic Hermes bag, Jane Birkin

Enlarge Any bag as long as it’s a Birkin: Starting at a staggering 4,200 Victoria Beckham accessorises with a baby blue version on a shopping trip in LA in April; plumps for plum on yet another airport dash in March; and chooses a bright red bag for a trip to New York last summer The bag, which was designed in 1984 by French fashion house Hermes and named after the actress Jane Birkin, is seen as a fashion classic. It follows in the footsteps of the 1935 Kelly bag – named after Princess Grace of Monaco because of her many appearances with it. The Birkin was allegedly created after the company’s CEO Jean Louis Dumas sat next to the actress on a Paris to London flight. Hermes habit: Victoria with her red Birkin at a children’s party in March last year; at JFK airport with her pink ostrich bag in September 2007; in Dubai with the 80,000 Silver Himalayan version in January this year Birkin had been discussing her difficulty in finding a leather weekend bag, explaining her ideal. Shortly after, the bag she described arrived at her flat with a note from Dumas.

Corrie counterfeits: Stars of show face allegations of buying fake designer handbags from crew member whilst on set

Ryan Dempster plunked… Via | 1 day ago The New York Yankees will activate Derek Jeter before their game tonight in Toronto. The teams captain will try to beat a seasons worth of injuries and help his team capture a Wild Card berth. Jeter has only 21 at bats after missing the first 91 games of the season recovering from an ankle injury suffered in last years playoffs. He then suffered two more leg injuries. Questions…

Arm candy: Michelle Keegan carries another fancy bag. The allegations have not been made in connection with any star in particular

But the Sun on Sunday newspaper has claimed that several of the Soap’s female cast-members have been involved in buying fake designer bags from a crew member. Is it real? Michelle Keegan carries what appears to be a Chanel hand bag whilst on a night out It is alleged that top street stars have snapped up the imitations for as little as 40 from a female worker who brings them to the studios in Manchester. A source told the paper: ‘Its like Only Fools and Horses. Seeing top names buying them is distasteful.’ But the source did not accuse anyone in particular of indulging in the practice.

Gucci handbags for $199

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